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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Insanity, Texas Democrats and Kay Bailey Hutchison

What's the definition of insanity? For the so-called Texas Democratic Insiders it's running the same guys, the same ways and expecting different results...

Today, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced that she would not be seeking re-election to the Texas Senate. That really isn't big news... but it does set into motion the gears of Democratic politics. Who runs for what, where and how.

I've said this, publicly and privately, that the problem with the Texas Democratic Party isn't the message, it's the messenger.

So, Party Insiders, before you start making your draft picks, consider this:

Texas is poised to gain 4 Congressional Seats because of Latino population growth (on behalf of my two daughters, YOU'RE WELCOME), Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority demographic in be blunt 63% of the new growth helps you get to 51% of the vote a lot faster.