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Friday, August 21, 2009

What's next? Partisan Textbooks?

Unfortunately the answer is: "Yes."

If you haven’t read Gary Scharrer's article today in the Houston Chronicle, I suggest that you do; especially if you have high school aged children.

The State Board of Education has appointed review committees to draft new social studies curriculum standards for Texas high school students. The first draft of this curriculum has Texas high school students learning heavily about the history of Conservative politics and nothing about Liberals.

During history class, instead of American politics, students would get a crash course in one-sided, right wing ideology. And guess who makes up 10 of the 15 members on the State Board of Education… that’s right…Republicans.

These are the same folks that earlier said Cesar Chavez and Thurgood Marshall were not significant enough to be in our state's government books.

What's a brother gotta do to get a little love from the State Board of Education?

We ought to be focusing on historical significance and historical figures; not a jaded view to suit one's partisan agenda or one's partisan philosophy. Putting politics ahead of the responsibility to accurately educate Texas students is a good way to dismantle the productivity of our entire state.

Sounds to me like we need some new state leadership….isn't there an election coming up in 2010…???