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Monday, June 15, 2009

...I could have told you that...

During my break I noticed that the MSM finally caught on to something I've known for a while. The Hispanic Vote matters… A lot.

Check out this section of Meet the Press (around 3:15)… in it the pundits talk about how the Republican Ice Age and Texas at the center of the electoral college.

Speaking of the Republican Ice Age, check out this article in TIME by Mike Murphy... and while you should read the entire article, here is a compelling excerpt:

"In 1980, Latino voters cast about 2% of all votes. Last year it was 9%, and
Obama won that Hispanic vote with a crushing 35-point margin. By 2030, the
Latino share of the vote is likely to double. In Texas, the crucial buckle for
the GOP's Electoral College belt, the No. 1 name for new male babies — many of
whom will vote one day — is Jose. Young voters are another huge GOP problem.
Obama won voters under 30 by a record 33 points. And the young voters of today,
while certainly capable of changing their minds, do become all voters tomorrow."
The times they are a changin'…

What I did on my summer vacation (episode 1)

I don't know about you, but I am just now coming out of my post-session blogging coma.

Here's some of the fun you might have missed...

MALC threw an awesome Sine Die party... we had music by the legendary Cienfuegos, and the equally popular Jim Dunnam and the Bad Precedents.

The MALC Members threw down in a Margarita making contest (won by MALC Secretary Diana Maldonado)...

We also had a Bounce Castle, Ice Cream, Fajitas, Pan de Campo... and, oh yeah, about 125 cases of beer. Everyone who I talked to had a great time. Here are some highlights (and you can check out even more pics on the MALC Facebook Fan Page)

MALC members competed for Margarita Glory

Jim Dunnam as the 'Man in Black'

The calm before the storm