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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dangerous times on the House Floor.

I'd like to bring to your attention a potentially dangerous situation on the Texas House Floor... you see, three times in three days a fill-in Speaker of the House has broken the official gavel. I'm not sure if budget cuts are causing us to buy sub-par gavels... or if this is just part of a nefarious plot to oust the Speaker.

There are a few ways you can break a gavel, I categorize them three ways:

The Hunter Eiland thwack of terror-- in which you slam the gavel (two handed) with such gusto that it nearly pelts Denise Davis in the head.

The Brian Hughes good natured gavel splinter-- in which you split the gavel down the middle in a very King Solomon-esque way. (If anyone has a pic of this-- send it over-- it was great!)

-and of course-

The Trey Martinez Fischer two handed destruction of State property-- in which you swing the gavel like this:

In the aftermath of said gavel annihilation I received this from Speaker Straus:

The inscription reads: Recognizing Rep. TMF's destruction of state property