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Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Ever Poli-Tex Photo Caption Contest

Join in on's First (and likely last) Photo Caption Contest.

Caption these doozies... from my Qurorum Buster days... and if we select your caption you can win some awesome prizes.

In keeping with the Quorum Busting theme... up for grabs is a set of "Austin to Ardmore" playing cards created by the late Statesman Joe Moreno. You can't buy these at the Capitol gift shop...

Submit your entries and we'll pick a winner on Thursday.

Ask and ye shall receive

My very own Easy Button, courtesy of Rep. Solomons

I said it and my friend Burt Solomons has responded.
I'm now the proud owner of my own "Easy Button" courtesy of the distinguished gentleman-- who gave it to me this week while on the floor.
Considering how HB670 passed the house 146-2... I'd say it works pretty well.
Come by the office and give it a push-- it talks!