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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm just sayin'

I wish I had an "Easy Button" to re-route my lege to a more favorable committee

I understand Burt Solomons filed HB128 (relating to citizenship and state licenses) and during the reading and referrals of bills it was sent to Licensing and Administrative Procedures... word is the bill is stuck in LAP spinning it's wheels in subcommittee...

What makes this interesting? Seems that the committee substitute for HB 128 has been refiled by the same author (HB3949)... and this time it was referred to...wait for it... State Affairs. What a coincidence.
Due respect to my friend Burt, I'm just kinda jealous that I wasn't around when they passed out the easy button... NOTE TO BURT: Help a brother out and let me borrow that thing sometime...

I guess I learned a few things today...

If at first you don't succeed...refile until you get the bill in your own committee
That State Affairs appears to be opening Pandora's box on hearing immigration bills... why else would someone go through the trouble of re-routing a bill?
Last session State Affairs chose not to hear immigration bills, is this a signal that we're taking a step backward?
I bet Leo Berman is tweeting Lou Dobbs...stay tuned
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