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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make Blogs not Beef

Yep, that's Phil Wilson... and yep, he brought me a chinstap...

TMF strikes again…keeping the peace inside the Pink Dome... and yes, that is none other than Phil Wilson holding a football chin strap with TMF at the Capitol.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one says:
My name is Phil Wilson and I approve this message…Choose Peace not Beef!

It seems that Poli-Tex was on to something when it accurately reported a growing bru-ha-ha between Phil and a bi-partisan group of colleagues that were not pleased with Wilson’s words along with increasing reports of lobby intimidation.

Having been forewarned, it seems that Phil went on a listening tour in the House State Affairs Committee letting certain people know his words may have been a bit too passionate. I also am hearing that he is attempting to get on Senator Davis’ calendar with the hopes of the same. (Note to Phil: Good Move).

In fairness to Phil, we had a nice chat, he comes across as a good guy and he stepped up in a major way which is something I can't say for most folks in his category.
In the end, much good has been accomplished.
But, my friends in the Lobby, don't sleep too soundly... the Training Day Crew still lurks and it could be you next...