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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Rumor Mill: TMF to Oust Straus?

For all the kiddos reading the blog, that's Mark Felt aka "Deep Throat"

Last Thursday I received a cryptic message from a well placed staffer in Speaker Straus’ office.
Question: I hear you have a list you’re working on, can we talk?
Answer: The only list I have is a grocery list for diapers and baby wipes. I am around if you want to visit.

It turns out the question was a serious one, as the staffer began to tell me about a rumor to oust SO3 from the Chair. I couldn’t help but laugh because I thought it was both silly and pretty far from reality. What was funnier was that I was on a short list of folks responsible for gathering the names.

I thought this was the sort of play that was ill conceived by a junior staffer who had one too many at the Cloak Room. I laughed it off and went about my day.

By Monday this issue was way behind me- - it was an old rumor. But many learned about this for the first time yesterday when a conservative website wrote an article confirming there is an orchestrated attempt to remove SO3 (This is why there needs to be a 2 drink limit at the cloak room).

Jim Dunnam and I are the first ones on the record saying it ain’t so as reported in Jason Embry’s First Reading.

To be clear there is no list. I have not signed, seen or heard of anyone working on this. I am unaware of any overt, covert or osmotic effort to begin one.

Go back to your lives, citizens. Crisis averted.
Don't take candy from strangers.And don't get your info from a guy that misspells Deep Throat's real name ( Hey genius, it's Mark Felt, not Feldt)