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Friday, March 6, 2009

TMF = Tender, Merciful and Forgiving

My friend Paul Burka has been known to inform his readers that I have a small tendency to be a little rough around the edges when it comes to my legislative style. What Paul doesn’t know, is that I am a product of San Antonio’s South and Westside where one’s values incorporate a certain “toughness”- - you have to hold your own in the hood if you know what I mean.
What can you do…it is what it is. In the words of my childhood role model; “I yam what I yam…"
But don’t despair- - I wanted my friends in the blogosphere to know that old dogs can learn some new tricks in Austin. If you don’t believe me I can give you a pile of business cards from Republican lobbyists that never gave me the time of day until they figured out Democrats are running the house floor. Now my newly found friends are talking to me about how they have been distant admirers and silent supporters all along…get a rope.

My sense is that many including Burka are going to be pleasantly surprised that TMF no longer stands for Tough…fusser (keepin' it clean for the kids). Thanks in part to Mr. Burka, I have turned a new leaf- - I have become a peacemaker having taken direct roles bringing diplomatic solutions inside the brass rail.

If you don’t believe me just ask my good friend, another Burka prodigy who has been elevated by Burka boy to magnanimous proportions. He posted up on another good friend (a moderate Republican…who also looks like he chops wood every day)… in a lively discussion over a rule change the “Operator” and I were seeking. The discussion got serious as their chests puffed out- - they were practically touching.

For a moment I was conflicted, my instincts told me to pull out a $20 and start taking odds. But then I realized that it was a State Jail Felony to assault a senior citizen, so I immediately jumped in separating the two. It took me a minute but I had to remind the “Operator” that he’s the diplomat and I’m the brawler according to prophecy of Mr. B.

So, maybe it's having my new baby in the house (Francesca), maybe it's the nice mountain laurel in the air, or maybe it's Mr. B… but here's to me and my new softer side. Let's see how long it will last.