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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

TXDOT: Legislative War and Peace

If you’re a TXDOT official you have to be wondering just how bad your agency’s sunset review is going to be…The word in the pink dome is that TXDOT’s problem isn’t that they prefer legislative warfare over peace…

Their problem is strikingly similar to their agency’s pattern- - starting too many battles on too many fronts without sufficient resources to get it all done.
Maybe TXDOT has been enabled for too long… because it seems like they can do just about whatever they want…But all good things must come to an end.

And then there's that little problem they have with truth and transparency…
A big fib to a committee chairman on one day, then a huge "misstatement" to a member of Congress on the stimulus on another day, not to mention the outright dis to me and my colleagues (because they want to spend a boatload of money without even sending an email as to the process).

And if you're TXDOT -- you just might be starting to reassess your battle strategy.
Taken all together these sorts of things add up and when it’s all tallied up the choice is clear... A fellow insider tells me to pay attention to floor proceedings this morning because there may be a shot or two directed across TXDOT’s bow. If this happens, observe the coalitions and then determine for yourself who is running the floor…