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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The word from committee on HB670

HB670 is still pending in committee but after 4 hours of testimony it was clear that the DAs wanted to compromise...

I'm just not sure I like the compromise... that's one shield the media can do without.

Road Block -or- Rubber Stamp

At around 5:20 this morning this came across the Blackberry from my staff.
I don't normally pay too much attention to the hometown paper since I rep for hardworking families and not the Express-News.

But this part got my attention:
"To move forward, the bill needs support from the Bexar County delegation, but resistance has appeared with Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer the most visible roadblock."

As the late Paul Harvey would say-- what we need now is the "REST OF THE STORY."

As to not have my words misconstrued (again) I wrote out my concerns for the delegation-- and I'll let you decide...

But at the end of the day-- I'd rather be a road-block than a rubber stamp.