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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Texas Monthly Makes Predictions, TMF Makes a Bet

Eileen, my bud over at Texas Monthly has posted some committee predictions in which I am put on elections...

"We went over six of the most important committees.
Here’s the scorecard.
Appropriations: Jim Pitts (Wild Card: Pete Gallego)

Calendars: Brian McCall (Wild Card: Charlie Geren)
Elections: Rafael Anchía; Trey Martinez-Fischer; Joaquin Castro (Wild Card: Someone Else) (Sidebar: Burka thinks Anchía should pass on this because of the Voter ID issue)
State Affairs: Burt Solomons; Byron Cook
Transportation: Joe Pickett; Wayne Smith (Wild Card: Lois Kolkhorst)
Ways and Means: Jim Keffer (Wild Card: Mike Villarreal)"

After I got over my initial shock-and-horror I offered the following wager:

Trey Martinez Fischer Says: February 10th, 2009 at 2:28 pm
I’m willing to bet you some greasy Westside San Antonio tacos (cause you know we use real tortillas in SA… none of this whole wheat pre-cooked stuff) that you will not see TMF anywhere near Elections…
Because if I was chair of Elections– Early Voting would last a month and the General Election would be on Sundays right before a Dallas Cowboys game…
But you know, I’m not really in to one-sided wagers… so if you’re interested hit me up…

Nothing so far... but I'm patient.