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Friday, January 30, 2009

The week in review...

So, friends, did you read the analysis from the arm-chair Quarterbacks about the rules fight? Maybe you watched it live...

If you did then you undoubtedly caught some of the strange goings-on...

More than one way to 76

Now, math wasn't my best subject but in the context of our rules fight one thing was proven... there is more than one way to 76.

If you thought the holy alliance was just Dems+ABCs, then you were undoubtedly surprised...

In creating the framework for the removal of the Speaker you saw Ds and Craddick Rs come together... in a big way.

Oil and Vinegar

Did you see Jim Dunnam vote with Tom Craddick? Did you see Dunnam caucus with Corte? Yeah... I couldn't believe it either... But it's like a good friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous) said to me once:

"No permanent friends. No permanent enemies."

The Will of the House

While the debate got a little tense at times I am proud of the civility members from both side showed... when voting, the Will of the House always prevailed... and while we may always agree the results are in the vote.