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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bonnen gives the house a collective *facepalm* moment

Guess who just got put on the Mexican American Legislative Caucus 'naughty list'...

My friend Representative Dennis Bonnen for saying this:

Thanks to my friends in the Capitol Extension who blew-up my inbox asking me to blog this.


Dennis Bonnen said...

Anonymous said... know it's true. Enough with your daily fake outrage. You are what's wrong with the system. We need more moderates who care about all Texans, not just folks like you that care about "hispanic" causes. You are a fake.

Anonymous said...

My son (a top 10% admission from a public high school in south Texas) just finished a very successful freshman year at UT Austin. I noticed this week when I went to pick him up from the dorm something very different about UT from when I went there 25 years ago. That difference was the very obvious increase in the number of minority students. This is due no doubt to the 10% law which was a great idea not only for minorities, but also for students of ANY color from border areas, rural areas and inner city schools (where admissions to UT has historically lagged before the 10% law). The 10% law made UT Austin look ALOT more like Texas virtually overnight with no consideration of racial or ethnic background. It was completely neutral and totally fair. If the argument from the suburban schools is that their kids are better qualified even though they are NOT in the top 10% of the class that tells me that there is a great inequity in public school system funding that must be addressed NOW.

Anonymous said...

The chief reason to keep Hispanic daughters (and sons) away from Austin and College Station might be so they are not exposed to people like Bonnen. But hey, you can't shield them from everything. Too bad they don't require you to be in the top 10% to run for the Texas House.

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