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Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Ever Poli-Tex Photo Caption Contest

Join in on's First (and likely last) Photo Caption Contest.

Caption these doozies... from my Qurorum Buster days... and if we select your caption you can win some awesome prizes.

In keeping with the Quorum Busting theme... up for grabs is a set of "Austin to Ardmore" playing cards created by the late Statesman Joe Moreno. You can't buy these at the Capitol gift shop...

Submit your entries and we'll pick a winner on Thursday.


The Last Unicorn said...

Photo 1: Even Alec Baldwin supports TMF's vicious dogs legislation.

Photo 2: Jim Dunnam marvels enviously at Baldwin's beautiful locks.

RousedRabble said...

A Milkbone Dog Treat in Every Pot: Governor Perry's new plan for unemployed Texans!

Mean Rachel said...

Actor and Democratic activist Alec Baldwin presents (not pictured) Rep. Betty Brown (R-Athens) with a commemorative box of Milkbones, in honor of the Republican's storied history of "being a total b*tch on that voter ID stuff." Baldwin was later escorted from the Capitol premises.

Texas Democrats Jim Dunnam and Elliott Naishtat wait their turn to audition for the role as "Disgruntled Elderly Man" in next season's 30 Rock. At the time of press, sources close to Alec Baldwin stated that Dunnam wasn't selected for the part due to "an unfortunate uneven eyebrow treatment," and Naishtat was rejected because "his overwhelming web presence interfered with the authenticity of the role."

santiago d. said...

1. Alec Baldwin, milk, and bones... 'nuff said.

2. Dunnam and Naishtat look onto the "white" Jaime Copelo.

JW said...

Dunnam: "Arrgh, Jack Donaghy, I got you in my sights and I will bring you down."
Naishtat: "Ummm, Jim, it's just a TV show."

CKaupert said...

In order to assist some of the Legislators in "dancing with the ones that brung 'em" Mr. Baldwin is generously providing hors d’oeuvres. ~ Ckaupert

funkphenomenon said...

To assist a few legislators in 'dancing with them that brung 'em' Mr. Baldwin generously donated hors d’ oeuvres.

Babscabs1980 said...

1: Sorry Mr. Baldwin, we just don't think your bark was believable enough for our campaign

2: Alec Baldwin was today announced as the spokesman for a tragically under-represented charity, Conjoined Texas Legislators

Tina Fey said...

1: HB 1982 is a Bill Baldwin can Really Sink His Teeth Into!

2: Baldwin Advises Democratic Leadership on Nose Hair Trimming Strategy.

The Monty Blog said...

1. If it does for my teeth and smile, just imagine what it can do for your dog?

2. Should we do it? It's now or never.

The Monty Blog said...

1. If it does this for my teeth and smile, imagine what it can do for your dog.

2. "Should we do it?" "It's now or never!" "Get him!"

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