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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Liveblogging the Senate Hearing on SB-362

7:46pm-- Am heading back to Insurance Committee... check out Elise Hu's blog to keep up to date

7:40pm-- TAW calls voter fraud a "phantom problem" and questions whether we ought to be spending millions while we lead the country in the number without healthcare.

7:30pm-- Tova Andrea Wang is testifying against SB362. She is speaking on the misconception that EVERYONE has an ID. She says African Americans are 3x less likely to have an ID.

7:21pm-- Sen. Ellis "Is this your first time in Texas?"

7:18pm-- Sen. Watson is grilling von Spakovsky about the lack of peer review on his study and the lack of study on the impact of SB362 on minorities, poor and people from border regions... to which vonS almost started to ask, "how is that any different...." Seriously? I feel like a PACE Picante commerical... "New York City! Get a rope!"
"I have not done a study on Texas," vonS says.

7:10pm-- Sen. Williams says that you cannot make assumptions about Indiana's increased turnout based on ONE ELECTION.

6:30ishpm-- Sen. Shapleigh challenges von Spakovsky to find real cases of voter fraud.

6:07pm-- Sen. West is grilling von Spakovsky about the role President Obama has on increasing the turnout in Indiana and Gerorgia...

5:45pm-- We are finally moving to invited testimony...Hans von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation.

5:03pm-- Sen. West to Sen. Fraser, "Have you talked to any ethnic minorities that support your bill... are they here to support your bill..." cricket, cricket...

4:30pm-- Sen. Fraser says he has a problem hearing "women's voices"... seems like a blessing and a curse.

4:24pm-- Sen. Davis just asked Sen. Fraser about the NYTimes Op-Ed... did he know that "the groups most likely to not have IDs are women, African Americans and Democrats."

3:24pm-- Sen. Shapleigh says that the conservative thinktank Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute says that 27% of Texans aged 80+ DO NOT have Drivers Licenses.

3:00pm-- Sen. Shapleigh speaks about Royal Masset (is it Mass-it or Mass-E?) who said:
"When voting in America is only allowed to healthy and wealthy people than the America I know is far sicker than my mother. HB 218 (identical to SB-362) is a direct descendent of poll taxes, and of allowing only white male property owners to vote. In its effect it is racist, barbaric, antidemocratic and contrary to everything that made America great. My mother has sacrificed her life raising my severely handicapped sister and I and making this a better country. She and all mothers like her deserve the right to vote."

2:40pm-- ZINGER... Sen. Watson to Sen. Fraser-- calling out the fact that he is bringing in testimony from out of state WITHOUT understanding what SB-362 would do to people in his own state...

2:20pm--- Fraser vs. Lucio/Watson over the intent of the Carter-Baker Commission... with dueling NY Times Op-Eds.
Lucio's, September 2005
Fraser's, March 2008

2:15pm--Sen. Fraser says after VoterID legislation was passed in Georgia turnout increased... FACT CHECK: Yes, it did by 0.6%.

1:50pm-- Sen. Gallego tags the bill... more delay.

1:50pm-- Sen. Gallegos motion to overrule is defeated 19-12.

1:45pm-- ZINGER..."With all due respect Mr. Chairman, I'm trying to figure out what rules apply and what rules don't. I thought the Senate rules applied..."--Sen. West

1:15pm-- POI is overruled... Sen. West clarifies what we're all thinking, "So essentially, the posting notice does not apply to committee of the whole."

12:53pm- Point of Order from Sen. West-- saying that the failure to give sufficient notice is in violation of Senate rules 1304, 1118 and 1110...

12:52pm-- Sen. Duncan lays out SB-362... goes over the gallery conduct like a school marm.

12:45pm-- "5-minute break"... 30 minutes later

11:52am-- Break in the tension to talk about Boys and Girls Club...

11:47am-- Sen. Duncan moves adoption of SR408. Resolution passes 19Ayes-12Nays.

11:45am-- "If he doesn't show up he is neglecting his responsibilities..." Sen. Gallego on AG not appearing to testify or provide guidance.

11:28am-- "I want you to get all the advice you can before you cast that bad vote." Sen. West to Sen. Duncan.

11:21am-- Sen. West asked Sen. Duncan if the AG was asked to NOT testify. Sen. Duncan feels if litigation is imminent that it is improper for the AG to appear. Sen. West reminds that Sen. Duncan that the AG was available as a resource re: Jessica's law even though there were cases pending at the time.

11:18am-- Sen. Van De Putte moves to ensure the transparency of the proceedings-- court reporter, TV access, publishing in Senate journal.

11:07am-- Sen. Duncan says it is "improper" for the Attorney General to be a witness in the Voter ID legislation this session... even though he testified LAST session.

10:50am-- Sen. Van De Putte is grilling Sen. Duncan on his SR408

10:24am-- Senate comes to order


Anonymous said...

I remember when Tommy was at the Polk County Courthouse defending the rights of a bunch of Florida and New York snowbirds to vote in Texas--because they voted absentee Republican. Now, the dolt is trying to keep my sainted, Waco-born abuela from voting. God, I cannot stand Tommy Williams.

Anonymous said...

Tommy is in a legal argument with Royce West. That's like bringing a nerf bat to a gun fight.

Ted said...

Ask Elliott about the ersatz Pace picante ad used ineptly against him in 1990. (Poor Bill Richardson.)


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