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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I do say so myself: TMF on VoterID legislation

Gary Scharrer from the Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express News wrote this blog about SB-362.'s the good part (if I do say so myself):

"This non-issue of voter ID has the potential to melt down this chamber. If the intent of these sponsors is to shut down the operation of the House, this bill has the potential to do that," says Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, chairman of the House Mexican American Caucus.
"Who wants to do that when we have public education and the budget, Hurricane Ike and health care (problems)? Nothing's going to get done and nobody's going to benefit," Martinez Fischer said. "We need to take care of the state's business first."
Republican investigations have not resulted in a single prosecution of voter impersonation, he said.
"Everybody's looking for Bigfoot, and no one seems to have been able to bring Bigfoot to the committee," Martinez Fischer said. "Show us what the problem is... We're pretty much just shooting in the dark. When we do that, we write the worst policy that this state could have."

(Photo credit: RG Ratcliffe)

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Vanessa Edwards Foster said...

No bigfoot, but a big pain in the butt if this Voter Photo ID passes.

Hypothetical scenario #1:
If a black man goes to vote with voter ID and a photo ID showing he's white, will he vote? Per powers in this legislation -- No, doesn't match.

Hypothetical scenario #2:
If a 20ish longhaired skate punk goes to vote with voter ID and a photo ID showing he's 72, will he vote? Per powers in this legislation -- No, doesn't match.

Being a transitioned transsexual, I'm familiar with our specific situation per the Standards of Care (SOC). The senate legislation allowed for using "sex change" papers as proof -- but no one wakes up one day and gets surgery. It's a process that takes a minimum of one year successfully living in the opposite gender. That requires ID. Yet for 16 years, the TX legislature has failed to even deal with the issue.

So Hypothetical Scenario #3:
If I go to vote with my male issued voter ID, and male ID, but present as obvious female, or a person named Kathy who lives as male with beard, receding hairline & body hair be able vote? Per powers in this legislation -- No, doesn't match.

Further, I have two friends going through divorces. They have fully transitioned from male to female, but cannot change their ID per their divorce judges' instructions: they must retain their current name and gender status until their divorces are final. Attempting name change risks arrest. Not changing their ID to match their presentation means they don't get to vote -- not for violating the law, but following it!

It's why I waited all night to testify before the Senate Committee of the Whole. It's on record, on their video, and they are fully aware they are potentially about to violate our voting rights. There's been ample time for them to have dealt with the name change issue, they haven't and now it's gonna come back to bite them in the ass.

If this bill passes, the first transitioning transsexual turned away from voting will be instructed to file a federal lawsuit against the State of Texas and at least Sen. Troy Fraser (maybe Bohac as well) for knowingly disenfranchising voting rights of law-abiding, taxpaying U.S. citizens.

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